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You’re not the water drop in the ocean, you’re the ocean in every water drop. (at Pantai Pangumbahan Ujung Genteng Sukabumi)
❝ Cause I like to be alone here, in silence, with you.
❝ Kita sama. Yang bereda hanyalah bagaimana cara kita menanggapi masalah.
❝ And after all this time, you’re still be my favorite ice cream. Cold, but sweet as well.
❝ Helpless.
Good morning ☀️
❝ Kau bukanlah tetesan air dalam samudera, tetapi kaulah samudera dalam setiap tetesan air.
❝ give without being asked, and being given without asking
❝ Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.
❝ I suddenly realize that if I want to keep you, all I have to do is just let you go. But don’t go way too far, you’ll miss me when you far away from home.
❝ Aku tak sanggup lagi berjudi dengan hidup. Kepingku habis. Daduku beku.

— Dee

❝ Cause it’s always been you. If it’s not you, then who else is gonna put up with me this way?
Morning dew ☀️